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▪ EOR accreditation (83/14) to carry out Officially Recognized Tests (Agriculture) ▪ Service company to carry out phytosanitary treatments ST 600028 (Agriculture)

▪ Distribution point for phytosanitary products ST 600041 (Agriculture)

▪ Mechanical workshop for repair and assembly of equipment (bars, fertilizers, etc.) (Industry)

▪ Accredited company to carry out environmental treatments DDD 0041CAT-ST (Health)

Human resources has a professional technical team with extensive experience to lead and execute the protocols of the tests, collaborates with projects together with other research centers and works closely with the public administration, universities and agricultural schools

Machinery and logistics has tractors with innovative technology, agricultural implements, specialized treatment equipment for tests, equipment for crop assessments and all the technology needed for the tests. As well as the facilities with an industrial building have the capacity to store and supply all those products necessary for the realization of the essays in field.

R&D has been able to consolidate an R&D strategy thanks to the technical team to lead and execute all the tests in a very satisfactory way for our customers. The growing trend of recent years in the testing section, has positioned the technical R & D department at the core of the future strategy.

Precision machinery for testing

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