EOR certification



Agroserveis.Cat was founded in 2003 with the aim of offering an integrated service in agriculture. Our company has the logistical and human resources suitable for the study and trial of plant protection products developed for rice growing. The integrated consulting services provided by the company are characterized by the rigor and professionalism of the decision - making process, thanks to their extensive knowledge, experience and training in rice growing.


The research and development team has worked on crops such as: (citrus, olive, fruit and vegetable) which give added value in the preparation and execution of the tests. In 2014, we obtained EOR accreditation (83/14), which has allowed us to conduct efficacy tests and phytosanitary products and bio fortifiers, according to the EPPO standards.


 EOR accreditation (83/14):

  • R&D tests

  • Registration and re-registration tests

  • Demonstrative tests: with substances not registered, with substances registered in unauthorized uses, etc.


We have a technical team formed by an EOR Technical Director with the qualification of Agricultural Technician, Forestry Technical Engineer and a Master in Plant Health, as well as more than three test technicians with more than 15 years of experience in the agricultural sector.


Agroserveis.Cat participates in research projects for public administration,  private companies and research centers attached to Universities, collaborating in the development, execution and monitoring of the essays.