Sale and repair of agricultural machinery

ASSEMBLY AND SALE OF AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY is a company specialized in phytosanitary application machinery:

  • Technical advice

  • Assembly and sale of treatment equipment

  • Repair, tuning and calibration

  • Sale of components and accessories for spraying (filters, hoses, nozzles ...)

  • Training and technical dissemination


SALE OF SPARE PARTS AND REPAIR OF AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY also has a service of sale of spare parts and accessories for all types of agricultural machinery and a repair service.


WASHING SERVICE we also offer the service of washing agricultural machinery:

  • Full cleaning

  • Manual washing

  • Upholstery washing

  • Apple Snail Cleaning Certificates:, offers the cleaning and disinfection service for agricultural machinery to prevent the proliferation of apple snails in other non-infected areas, in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Generalitat de Catalunya.