From 2010 the expansion of the apple snail (Pomacea insularum) plague began in the Ebro Delta and the technical department of has worked on the development of products and techniques to control its expansion. The companies that have had the need to test the effectiveness of their products before putting them on the market, have contracted the technical services of Agroserveis to be able to evaluate the effectiveness of their products.
Products such as adult and spawn repellents, physical traps, biocides, attractants, natural extracts, experimental products, etc. They have been tested over these 10 years where the rice farmers of the Delta de l'Ebre live with this plague from Central America that unfortunately has not been eradicated.
In this sense, has shared international experiences with the University of Guayaquil (Ecuador) with the study of products that are effective on adults and that have been tested with Delta conditions.
In parallel, has also studied different potential agronomic techniques for pest control and containment. The survival of adults in the salt water of the sea, the control of adults through electrical impulses, as well as the survival of the spawns that remain in the field at the end of the cycle of rice cultivation. is involved with the cleaning of tractors and agricultural machinery working in fields infested with apple snails. Public procurement for 6 years in this activity, guarantee us as a professional company.

Assaig cargol poma

Assaig cargol poma



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